Storm leaves mess for Houston drivers 

Photos: Driving proves dangerous on icy roads. Plus, other scenes from the big chill.


I called Stephanie today at 3:05 pm to let her know that I would pick Madi up at 6. She answered the phone with "What?" and asked "Why are you in such a rush, your mama pushing you?" "I replied "No I ain't seen my daughter in over seven months and I miss her just like I'm sure she misses me." She paused for a few seconds and stated that "I don't want her over there with no living with a bitch?" I said that I live alone, "But what does that matter, didn't you say you had a fiance ?" She pauses again then says "That's my baby." I say " She's mine too, Stephanie." She replies "Well,okay,but you better not bring her back sick." I asked her where do you want to meet so I can see Madi?" She told me that she would call me at 5 o'clock and hung up.
At 4:20 she called and stated that she was at the MacDonald's on Mangum and Dacoma and hung up quickly. I said I was at my mom's house washing clothes but was on the way.
I drove over there with my mom and dad as witnessess in case she started to argue or refused me access to Madi. Stephanie called me right before I got to MacDonald's and I said I'm turning the corner at the light now."

When I pull into the lot, I notice Stephanie in the driver's seat of a white mid 90's Pontiac Bonneville. Madi was in the back seat and  male in a black ski cap was in the passenger seat. I got out and Stephanie got out. She opened the back door and Madi shrieks "Daddy!" I pick up my baby and put her in the back seat with my mom and buckle her in. When I turn around I notice Stephanie grimacing and holding Madi's pink backpack. I ask her if that's Madi's and she throws it at me the turns around and walks to the car. I shake my head and get in the car and drive off.

I noticed that Madi's hair was shorter than it was the last time I saw her. It used to be a little past her shoulders but now her pony tail barely reached the back of her skull. In Madi's backpack was a doll, some markers, a pair of panties and a white teddy bear.That's it. I took her to Family Dollar and bought her three packages of 3 pair socks, two packages of 5 pack panties, one two pack of girls cami undershirts an iCarly umbrella and a 11.5 inch doll.

I washed the clothes Madi had on and  the stuff in the bag because it smelled like moth balls and it was dingy.


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