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Get It Together

I haven't seen Madi since I took her back to Stephanie on June 2nd. Now usually I would be unhappy with this but it is Steph's turn for summer vacation with Madi. I've learned to let little stuff that I know isn't done in a negative light go. Although I would appreciate better communication from her when it comes to our daughter, I know Stephanie doesn't think like that. But she does let me call Madi and at least I have that.

 She still complains about the amount of child support I pay and wants me to pay for Madi to attend a private school which neither one of us can afford. I would rather Madi go to a public school like everyone else because it's free and she can get a decent education there as well. I will be paying for her school clothes and supplies so that's not a problem. Stephanie has said that she wants her in the private school because it has a 24 day care and it's across the street from her, but I feel I shouldn't have to pay for somethin…

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