Get It Together

I haven't seen Madi since I took her back to Stephanie on June 2nd. Now usually I would be unhappy with this but it is Steph's turn for summer vacation with Madi. I've learned to let little stuff that I know isn't done in a negative light go. Although I would appreciate better communication from her when it comes to our daughter, I know Stephanie doesn't think like that. But she does let me call Madi and at least I have that.

 She still complains about the amount of child support I pay and wants me to pay for Madi to attend a private school which neither one of us can afford. I would rather Madi go to a public school like everyone else because it's free and she can get a decent education there as well. I will be paying for her school clothes and supplies so that's not a problem. Stephanie has said that she wants her in the private school because it has a 24 day care and it's across the street from her, but I feel I shouldn't have to pay for something I wasn't told about and of which she and her boyfriend enrolled her in and paid for when she took Madi last year and hid out with her.

Now her boyfriend refuses to pay for the schooling or left (she won't say), and she's not really working anywhere consistently so she's riding me for more money. I'm not going to argue with her and I am not going to be taken advantage of here we are.

I love my daughter.


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