I'm Back

It's been three months since I wrote something here but I am back. To catch up Madi and I have been having a great time. As a matter of fact we spent the first part of her summer vacation together. It was like old times and Madi loved it. I know that I did. my daughter is so vibrant and smart. She is also clever. I noticed her formulating little machinations in her head to get her way when she was told no.

Personality wise I noticed she is sociable but a little shy when she first meets someone just like me. I noticed also that she gives up a little too easily and will have a near meltdown when she can't complete or is stuck on something. I'm teaching her to keep going and don't lose your confidence; just try a different approach.

Her new motto is practice makes perfect. She couldn't blow a bubble with her gum to save her life and it irked her. Two weeks later after understanding how to do it and practice, my baby is the bubble blowing queen.

When I brought Madi back to Stephanie ther was no negative air or attitude which was refreshing. We even talked for a while. All in all this was my best summer in the last two years and I hope that it only gets better. Until next time, God bless.


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