It's Been A Long Time

Japan’s top government spokesman says a partial meltdown is likely under way at a second reactor affected by Friday’s massive earthquake.

It's been a while since I last made an entry in this journal. I've been busy working and spending very other weekend with Madi.  I need another car since mine just broke the timing belt which means the valves are bent and it needs a head job. Enough of that.

Stephanie and I have been communicating better as of late which is good, and Madi seems like she's getting into the idea of seeing her daddy consistently now. She comes home and plays in her room like nothing major and when it's time to go back home to mom she does so with little to no problems. Smart girl.

I'm planning on taking Madi to the Rodeo Sat. March 19 at the Reliant Arena to the Kids Country part. I bet she's going to love the petting zoo and pony rides. She always did love horses so that's going to be a real treat for both of us. Can't wait. 


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